Statement of Works The continuum

Woody's contemporary paintings function as organic memories in a garden of colorful human emotions; spontaneous reactions to color and movement with an array of passions reflecting our collective imagination.

Masters of visual arts are able to create something new, something that did not exist previously and does not actually exist in reality, even when, at times, it closely resembles reality.

Woody’s paintings are to relevant and significant to be ignored.

Derivatives of the abstract expressionist and action art movements, Woody’s paintings are not just pictures, they are expressive events with their power derived from creating paintings and prominently aspiring in demand throughout the world.

It is not what you see, it's what you're looking for that matters most.
Woody's paintings are derived from his persona, encapsulated into and defined expressively as abstract transpersonal expressionism.

Woody’s defines his paintings as  Transpersonal Art,  the symbolic reenactment of the abstract imagination, images of a timeless and internal universe that are reflective in accordance with the knowledge of our time, organic expressions that demonstrate the eternal magic of the human condition.  

The phenomenon of art lays in it’s ability to document the evolutional process of humanities and this remains one of the demand generators for acquiring or commissioning great works of art that has taken many forms since the advent of art patronage.

The New Modernism

Woody’s artistic concepts, translated into paintings, function as societal interpretations of  human behavior.  Like design psychology, his “transpersonal art” is designed to help viewers manifest a redeeming philosophy of meaning in preparation for regenerating their personal human possibilities.

In summary, Woody’s approach to painting has long been a maxim that has defined the philosophical relationship between a collector and their art. It stand to reasoning that Woody’s paintings are owned & sought-after by informed eclectic art collectors and champions of philanthropy. (partial list)

Enjoy Woody’s wealth of never-before-seen visual masterpieces.

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