Limited Edition Prints

The cognitive value of art is what it communicates to and with you.

Woody’s paintings are transpersonal compositions with layers of emotional subjectivity and meaning, often defined as derivative of the abstract expressionist movement, his techniques are considered an evolution in action art.

What is the difference between A Limited edition and An open Edition Print?

In general terms, a limited edition is part of a set of original works of art intended for graphic reproduction and produced by or under the supervision of the artist who designed it. These are prints or casts that are produced in multiples. Examples of editions include printmaking techniques like etchings lithographs and fine art prints, etc.


An open edition, is considered a copy/facsimile of the original work—not created in the same medium, usually using photomechanical means.  In fact, a digital image is created of the work, and that file can then be used to reproduce it on any surface in any size.

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The Getty Museum Store  has an invaluable resource demystifies the complex, rapidly changing, and sometimes confusing world of digital print technologies. It describes the major digital printing processes used by top photographers and artists over the past forty years. You’ll also learn methods and options for preserving your digital Woody prints. Click here 


The Be Sensitive Studio works very closely with a print-master to create Woody’s paintings in a series of  signed, certified limited edition fine art prints, allowing for a real experience that is more artisanal, more human.  In brief, your artwork is created using some of the highest gallery/museum archival standards in the printing industry. 

Please note, all signed limited edition prints are exact replicas of the original painting (only available on canvas, sized up to 40X50 inches) for art collectors and champions of philanthropy, through their participation in the Be Sensitive Art Gifting Project.

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Signed, Numbered, Certified: To preserve value, each custom made print is a limited edition that is signed by "Woody" and is delivered to the collector with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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