Who am I? I Am An Artist

A Few Words About The artist

Art is life and life is sacred. I only seek to exemplify the magic inside of each of us, where our memories meet our dreams.  James e. Woody

Woody’s paintings have been described by academics as derivatives of the Futurist, DaDa and Action Art Movement. Many of the artworks displayed herein were created over 25 years ago and have never been displayed publicly.

Woody is a distinctive talent with a creative vision and a point of reference. 

In brief, Woody’s “transpersonal works” depict new forms of cognition and depths of feeling; a catalyst for helping others discover their empowered inner wisdom, the single most powerful and lasting seed of change.

His paintings are owned and sort-after globally by eclectic art collectors, visionaries and champions of philanthropist (partial list)

We trust you  too will enjoy these Woody paintings and we look forward to creating something remarkable for you.

Ms. Amy Wiesenthal,  Executive Administrator, Be Sensitive Studio

James edward woody

One of the world's first proclaimed and recognized African-American Abstract Transpersonal Expressionist Artist

“Art as with life, no part of the creation should be merely rushed without appreciating
the journey in its fullness along the way because every moment is complete in its self.” 

James e. Woody

Woody is a self-taught painter who has remained an enigma within the art industry for decades.  Many of his admirers, patrons and collectors consider his paintings next generation abstract expressionism designed to help us access those not so imaginary, yet magical, lines known as transpersonalism.  

“Woody” identifies his paintings as Transpersonal Art; the symbolic reenactment of his abstract imagination; images of a timeless and internal universe that are reflective in accordance with the knowledge of our time; organic expressions that demonstrate the eternal magic of the human condition.

"For through creative freedom we find comfort and on occasion even splendor."

Above all things, I am an artistMy life could be observed as a social commentary on romantic blind ambition that evolves into an obsession of personal passion with a social purpose for right thought and right action.

My story is also an exploration into the reasons and the processes that engulf me as I had become part of and witness to many of the greatest movements in human liberty.  The events happening within me and around me have shaped my dreams, defined my artistic perspectives and life’s purpose. 

The persistency of dialogue reflective in my paintings is between an inner man who observes a conflict with yesterday, today and tomorrow.   I have stood witness to the erosion of a childhood; the shrinking of the world and the evolution of civilization that defines my  relationship with myself and my God.

A wide range of artistic expressions are utilized in my paintings to express my inner worlds as interpretations of the time and shapes of our lives.  In brief, my escapades and the lessons learned are dedicated to those often nameless ones who make the probable possible through the sharing of their inexcusable truths.

To those of you who find your way into the great hollows of bold silence and right action, my paintings are created to serve as your mirror of hope; your story of endurance.

I pray that you too will find new opportunities to embrace a renewed inspiration of unrealized expectations that can be found in your tears and in your smiles.

Be sensitive to yourself, our environment and each other.

Thank you, James e. Woody

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