Value of A Limited Edition

What is the difference between A Limited edition and An open Edition Print?

Woody’s limited edition prints are signed customized series of paintings, on canvas or paper, framed or unframed up to 40X60 inches, produced in multiples of not more than fifty prints per painting.


Woody’s open edition prints are an series of original painting that are reproduced on demand in unlimited quantities for set period of time.

The Getty Museum Store  has an invaluable resource demystifies the complex, rapidly changing, and sometimes confusing world of digital print technologies. It describes the major digital printing processes used by top photographers and artists over the past forty years. You’ll also learn methods and options for preserving your digital Woody prints. Click here 

The cognitive value of art is what it communicates to and with you.

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”  Vincent Van Gogh

To preserve value, only fifty (50) limited edition prints are created for each select painting.

Signed limited editions and original paintings are  available. Moreover, customized prints on various surfaces are also available. 

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