Digital Expectations

Let us dare to believe in an unselfish purpose and make this process
we call life worth remembering, despite its imperfections.

Limited editions of Woody’s digital creations are being sold on MakersPlace. Upon purchase, you will be given the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes only.  Since you will own this unique copy, you can also re-sell the creation on a secondary market.

In one sense, selling an NFT is similar to selling a traditional artwork on the primary market. But from a crypto purist’s perspective on the blockchain, meaning specific works of Woody art will  registered as limited-edition digital assets.

“The path is as important as the destiny, my paintings simply illustrate their relationship and effect all things in motion.”   James e. Woody

Signed limited editions and original paintings are  available. Moreover, customized prints on various surfaces are also available. 

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The images below are digitalized images of Woody's original paintings.

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