Acquire Your Woody Painting, Prints and Digital Art Works Certified Authentic

You’re invited to join an exclusive group of owners and investors in Woody Art.


Woody’s paintings are to relevant and significant to be ignored.

Artwork has long been a cornerstone of investing for the ultra-wealthy. Citi Private Bank calculated the long-term correlation coefficient of 0.12 between Art and the S&P 500 Index, which is a very low level of correlation. This is why we believe that contemporary art plays a key role in diversifying any portfolio.

Woody’s paintings are owned & sought after by informed eclectic art collectors and champions of philanthropy  (click here for a partial list).


Artwork Archive Online is where we track our inventory of originals, gifted art, gallery sales and more, all in one placeMoreover, customized prints and commissions are also available upon request

Woody paintings are not just pictures, they are real expressive events with their power being derived from the energy that is generated from him when creating them.

Click here to access Woody’s portfolio of  original paintings.

Woody is available to create an original commissioned painting that aligns with your vision. We can also produce customized prints designed to meet your unique requirements. 

All signed limited edition prints are replicas of the original paintings, and almost visually indistinguishable from the original painting,   Learn More

Woody’s Custom Limited Edition prints are almost visually indistinguishable from the original painting.

Woody’s Limited edition prints preserve value.

Woody’ s paintings are beautifully reproduced giclée’s on the best archival canvas with the finest professional, fade-resistant pigment inks, beloved by collectors and museums.

Limited edition prints are professionally framed museum quality giclée prints, UV-protected and absolutely magnificent.  

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Verisart provides our patrons, collectors and buyers with assurances that their original paintings and limited edition prints are authentic Woody works of art.

Why We use Verisart?

The Be Sensitive Studio (James e. Woody, Artist) utilizes the service of Verisart, an award-winning certification service that allows us to provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity securely registered on the blockchain.

Your Woody Art certification of authenticity includes:

  • An inventory number

  • Permanent and secure record of ownership 

  • Protection of your identity and privacy 

What is blockchain?

You can think of blockchain as a distributed database.  Verisart uses the world’s most popular blockchain, the Bitcoin blockchain, to provide a trusted timeline while protecting individual identity.

Blockchains build trust because no one entity is in control and they utilize shared security standards across the network. Every Verisart certificate can be publicly verified while maintaining privacy requirements.

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The beauty of of your nature is truly mesmerizing and poetic. And when your nature is at the same time decorated with a wide palette of colors – it is simply indescribable. Although my lens to the world may look different, I am honored to share with you my paintings.”   James e. Woody

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